Part Time Daycare

How Part Time Daycare Can Give Your Child a Strong Start in School

Most parents get a little nervous about sending their little ones off to daycare – understandably so. Your children are your life, and you want to make the best decisions for their present and future.

Whether you need to work or are considering daycare because you have heard you should, it’s helpful to understand what it can do for your babies. While individual results do vary, there are several ways that daycare — even part-time daycare — can give your kids a great start.

First and foremost, it provides exposure to the fundamentals of learning. They get introduced to numbers, letters, math, and more. Even if you already taught these things, daycare can help build on the foundation you provided.

Daycare also provides exposure to other children and a structured learning environment before they enter kindergarten. It makes the transition easier and gives them a start on social-emotional learning.

This information only touches on some of what your child can gain, but it goes far beyond that. If you are considering part-time daycare and need more information or encouragement, give Tender Loving Care a call today. 

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