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A Dynamic Link Library Dll Initialization Routine Failed.event Id 7023 jararyle


a dynamic link library dll initialization routine failed.event id 7023

Description: The Terminal Services service terminated with the following error: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. Description: The Dynamic Link Library DLL Initialization Routine Failed Event ID 7 is not supported. The system cannot stop or start the application virtualization client service. A: Event Id 7023 is caused by a manifest error, and not the DLL. It means the DLL is not accessible from the folder in which it is deployed. While you can download the Microsoft FixIt tool, this can only be used to fix manifest errors in DLLs. To fix manifest errors in an executable, there are no tools. This could potentially be done in code using e.g. a FileSystemWatcher to monitor the directory, or by looking at the error in your Event Viewer. Your error is likely the DLL is not accessible. This is determined by the "Is the path valid and accessible" checkbox in the "Details" of the event. Another possible reason is that the DLLs are in some way missing. There are three possible reasons for this: The files are not present. The files are present, but not the DLL. The files are present, but the DLL is missing. The third reason is more likely than the second. As I have no experience with this, I can't say for sure. To diagnose the second reason, the files need to be examined. You need to look at the files and the DLL (in the same folder) with a hex editor (I use Hex Fiend), or a disassembler such as Dependency Walker, PE Explorer, or Dependency Walker. This will allow you to examine the files on disk and the DLL in memory. This is the second reason: Some of the above may be done using an anti-virus tool. Reviews of Holloway's Bar BQ 11/25/2012 - Phil J. - Bourbon County (Mishawaka, IN) I had the best pulled pork I have ever had. It was a whole pork loin smothered in a honey BBQ sauce. I had a lot of it and my family enjoyed it as well. 12/20/2011 - Linda B. - Beech Grove (Elkhart, IN) So, I

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A Dynamic Link Library Dll Initialization Routine Failed.event Id 7023 jararyle

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