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It is the Hindi remake of the 2003 Tamil film, Puyal Padam. It was released on 26 June 2006. The film stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. The film was a super hit at the box office and earned Rs. 70.15 crores worldwide. Plot Rajveer is a rich, arrogant and brash young man. He lives with his parents in Delhi. A group of terrorists kill his parents and attempt to kidnap Rajveer. When Rajveer escapes, he boards an airplane with the goal of meeting his girlfriend, Tasneem (played by Katrina Kaif), whom he met six months ago on a bus journey. In Karachi, Tasneem, a Pakistani girl, is dancing on the street when the Indian Indian terrorist Anand comes to pick her up. He takes her to a house where he tortures her for information. When Anand asks her about Rajveer, she tells him that she has not seen him since the bus journey. When the two fight, Anand taunts her, calling her a Muslim. She slaps him, but he continues to say that the only person she can trust is him. He asks if Rajveer killed her parents, and she is hesitant to reply. Anand leaves, but suddenly returns with the gun of a friend. He tortures her with the gun, demands that she tell him where Rajveer is, but she refuses, knowing he will kill her. He also makes her watch her parents being killed by Anand. In the following fight, she manages to escape, and is caught by Anand. He knocks her unconscious, and demands she tell him where Rajveer is. She tells him that he will either die or leave her alone and unharmed, and he leaves. After escaping from the house, she runs to the street where she first met Rajveer, and when she sees him, she runs towards him. They embrace and celebrate their success in reuniting, and they go to a hilltop where they make love. The next day, they return to Delhi. Tasneem is surprised to see Rajveer dressed in his business suit and his tie is loose. He invites her to come with him to a party at the Taj in Delhi. At the Taj, Tasneem tells Rajveer that she needs a flight to London, where her parents are. He gives her his credit card, but she insists that she




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Fanaa Hindi Full Movie Free Download

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